4-in-1 RC Robot Kit for Kids and Adults – STEM Toy Making Set, Building Blocks, No Soldering Required – Model SM1702 – Tank, Race Car, Six-Legged Bug and Knight on a Horse (Medium to Hard Difficulty)

This built-to-last construction kit includes everything you need to build four impressive RC robots of varying difficulty.

The complete kit includes:

  • 237 reusable bricks, wheels, tires & connectors
  • 2 powerful motors
  • wireless remote control unit & receiver*
  • 56 pages full color manual with detailed diagrams

You will get diagrams for the following models:

  • Racing Car (difficulty level: 2/5)
  • Tank (difficulty level: 3/5)
  • Knight on a Horse (difficulty level: 3/5)
  • Six-Legged Bug (difficulty level: 4/5)


There are no computer skills needed to build these robots. Children are introduced to mechanics, and modular parts and they need to deploy logic and problem-solving skills to complete the build.

You can inspire your child’s imagination by giving them to freedom to explore endless possibilities through play. Once the models within the manual have been built, your child can then go on to create their own motor-driven machines with the freedom to design and build whatever they like. Powerful motors create fast-moving vehicles, adding to the excitement and overall appeal of the robot.

The use of robots in education is rapidly increasing, and with primary schools now teaching children how to apply problem-solving and logic skills from as early as kindergarden, Brain Crunch Smart Machines robot kits are set to withstand the test of time. This is the perfect first-time toy for learning about robotics.



*Requires two AA batteries (mainboard) and four AAA batteries (remote-control) – Not included

4M Doodling Robot (Packaging May Vary).

Assemble a robot artist with the 4M Doodling Robot. The 4M Doodling Robot uses vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art. Adjust the angle and height of the robot’s colored pens and watch it work. No special tools or knowledge required; the kit contains detailed instructions and all the necessary parts. Ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in robotics. Requires one AA battery (not included). Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

Thames and Kosmos Gyrobot-Gyroscopic Robot Kit

Did you know that both airplanes and smart phones use gyroscopes? Gyroscopes perform tasks ranging from the everyday to the extraordinary. With this kit, kids explore the amazing powers of the gyroscope and build seven motorized models, including a robot that can balance on a tightrope!

Kuman Wireless Wifi manipulator Robot Car Kit for Arduino,utility Vehicle Intelligent Robotics, Hd Camera Ds Robot Smart Educational Kits by iOS android PC Controlled with Video Tutorial Sm5-1

Tips: The kit is with arm.

Module factory has built in a good program, you need to assemble together ,then start playing!

SM5-1 With Manipulator Update version packing list:
1.Arduino Compatible Mega 2560 Robot Drive motherboard×1
2.WIFI Robots PWR Expansion motor driver board
3.MTK7620N WIFI Module 5.0(Jump cap*2)×1
4.Robot Link 300M 5DB Antenna×2
5.4 Degree of freedom manipulator×1
6.Manipulator power cord×1
7.Manipulator Steering gear extension line×3
8.9G Steering engine×2
9.Metal track Chassis×1
10.Pan nylon pieces×1
11.720P Camera×1
12.2200mAh 12V 8A battery×1
13.12V Charger×1
14.Nylon column×8 15.15cm Wire(electric motor use)×4
16.USB Cable×1
17.Without cap screw M3*20
18.Screw Cap M3×20
19.MICRO MINI USB transfer Network port Cable×1
20.Nylon band (fixed battery)×3
21.For arduino board Download cable×1
22.Driver DVD×1

Detailed tutorials including project introduction and source code CAN BE PROVIDED FOR FREE,contact us BY Email to get documents.

Thames & Kosmos Mechanical Engineering Robotic Arms

Build six mechanical models of the types of arms, grabber claws, and legs found on robotic machines. Explore mechanical engineering principles firsthand as you assemble and play with these working models. The models use a pneumatic system which uses air pressure to activate the models. Pump up the air reservoir with the hand pump, then flick the switch to operate the model: A pneumatic piston enables the grabber claws to open and close rapidly and to grip objects with enough force to lift them. The piston can also move the arms and legs on models back and forth, demonstrating how robotic limbs move. Construct a pivoting robotic laboratory arm with gripper claw. Assemble an extra long grabber claw to pick up things that are just out of reach. Build a vertical three-fingered claw that can lift a cup up off the table keeping it level. Experiment with models of robotic exoskeleton arms and legs. Make a compact grabber claw that you can slip into your shirt sleeve to pretend you have a robotic hand. Learn how pneumatic and hydraulic systems are used in industrial robots to enable the robots to manipulate heavy objects, such as automobile components. A 32-page, full-color manual guides you through model building with step-by-step illustrated instructions.

4M Robotic Hand Kit

Explore the wonders of robotics and physical anatomy with the 4M Robotic Hand Kit. This kit contains all the materials needed to assemble a robotic hand with fully-articulated fingers. Pulling a cord makes the robotic fingers curl inward in a realistic gripping action. Perfect for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in robotics. Detailed assembly instructions included. Recommended for ages 8 years and up.

Robot Toy,Robobloq Robots Kits DIY Robots Programming Robots Toys Remote Control Robots Car STEM Educational Toys Robots for Kids (Qoopers 6 in 1,174pcs)

Start to Learn Robotics and Programming
Do you want to build your own robot, but hate the wriggling cables and rugged boards? Then you’ll like Qoopers. This is a metal block robot building platform with extensive DIY capacity, and made of anodized aluminium with a mature look. You can build your own robots with growing options of parts, and go endless with your imagination.

Transformable Shapes
Before you start, pick the favorite character to begin with. Qoopers has 6 members, and each of them is different in look and functions. In addition, you can build any other forms as you want!

Drag-and-Drop Coding
In “My Application” center, there is a graphical programming environment based on Scratch 3.0. Not only can you control Qoopers in sequence, but also use variables and loop commands to create sophisticated programs.

Obstacle Avoiding
Relax and just play! The ultrasonic sensor contributes to an obstacle avoiding mode. You’re not going to hurt Qoopers, or your furniture.

Face Expressions
Qoopers comes with multiple emotions. Apart from the presets, you can define more emoji using the LED dots Matrix customizing interface.

Micro-Controller: Qmind plus (Mega 2560)
Communication: Bluetooth 4.0 or USB
Bluetooth Control Distance: 30ft
Mobile APP: Robobloq (Apple Store & Google Play)
PC Software: Robobloq (Windows, Mac, Linux)
Programming Environment: Robobloq APP (Scratch 3.0), Arduino IDE (C)
Input: 1x Button, 1x Ultrasonic Sensor with six built-in RGB LEDs
Output: 1x Buzzer, 2x RGB LEDs, 1x LED Matrix (14×10)
Batteries: 6 pieces AA batteries (NOT included)
Assembled Dimension: 9.7×8.4×6.5in (Maximum)
Total weight: 4.1lb

Please be noted, to control the robot moving, you need a smartphone or tablet. PC software is just for coding.
Thanks for understanding!

Vector Robot by Anki, A Home Robot Who Hangs Out & Helps Out, Now With Amazon Alexa Built-In

Say “Hey Vector.” Aware and reactive, Vector hangs out and helps out. Now with Alexa built-in. Robot helpfulness supercharged.

Alive with personality.
Vector is no ordinary home robot. Packed with technology that brings him to life, he’s curious and attentive. He reacts to sound, sight, and touch and is excited to see you when you come home.

Always happy to help.
Vector will show you the weather, take photos for you, time dinner, play blackjack, and answer your questions.
If you choose to set up Alexa on your Vector, he’ll have access to an ever-growing number of skills that supercharges his helpfulness in your home. Triggered by the standard “Alexa” voice command, you’ll be able to: add items to your shopping list, set reminders, control smart home devices like lights, speakers, and thermostats, and so much more.

Independent and alert.
Vector is happiest with you, but he can take care of himself and hang out on his own. He self-charges, navigates around objects, and avoids edges.

Smart and getting smarter.
Vector is an updating platform, cloud connected via WiFi so he’s always learning and updating with new skills and features.

Vector knows what’s going on.
HE CAN SEE. Vector uses an HD camera to see the world. Using computer vision, he can identify people, see and remember faces, and navigate his space without bumping into things.
HE CAN THINK. Vector’s smartphone-level processor and cloud connectivity create one powerful brain.
HE CAN HEAR. Vector has a powerful four-microphone array for directional hearing. When you sit down next to him, he’s ready to take direction. And if there is a loud noise, he’ll be just as startled as you.
HE CAN COMMUNICATE. Vector has a unique voice made of hundreds of synthesized sounds to create a language all his own. When you ask Vector a question, he utilizes a custom text-to-speech voice to speak directly to you.
HE CAN FEEL. Vector has touch sensors and an accelerometer so he knows when he’s being touched and moved. You can pet him and he’ll relax, but try not to shake him.

What’s Inside Vector? AI and advanced robotics: Qualcomm 200 Platform to compute at a smartphone level. Capacitive Touch Sensor to sense being touched and held. Beamforming 4-Microphone Array to recognize natural speech and source. Ultra-Wide HD Camera to detect motion and identify people. 4 Drop Sensors to detect edges and avoid falls. Infrared Laser Scanner to track distance and map environments. 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Unit to know when he’s picked up or moved. High-Res Color IPS Display to convey a wide range of emotions. WiFi-Enabled Cloud Connection to bring new capabilities.

Elegoo EL-KIT-001 UNO R3 Project Complete Starter Kit with Tutorial for Arduino (63 Items)

This is the most complete kit for Arduino starters. It is very fun and easy to use. Kit is 100% compatible with all Arduino modules. The 63 parts are packaged in an attractive, convenient container. Component listing: 5pcs White LED 5pcs Yellow LED 5pcs Blue LED 5pcs Green LED 5pcs Red LED 1pcs RGB LED 5pcs 22pf Ceramic Capacitor 5pcs 104 Ceramic Capacitor 2pcs Photoresistor 1pcs Thermistor 5pcs Diode Rectifier (1N4007) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (10UF 50V) 2pcs Electrolytic Capacitor (100UF 50V) 5pcs NPN Transistor (PN2222) 5pcs NPN Transistor (S8050) 1pcs Tilt Switch 5pcs Button (small) 1pcs 1 digit 7-segment Display 1pcs 4 digit 7-segment Display 1pcs Sound Sensor Module 1pcs LCD1602 Module ( with pin header) 1pcs IC L293D 1pcs IC 74HC595 1pcs Active Buzzer 1pcs Passive Buzzer 1pcs RTC Module 1pcs DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Module 2pcs Potentiometer 1pcs Rotary Encoder Module 1pcs Joystick Module 1pcs Keypad Module 1pcs 5V Relay 1pcs IR Receiver Module 1pcs UNO R3 Controller Board 1pcs Breadboard 1pcs Servo Motor (SG90) 1pcs Stepper Motor 1pcs ULN2003 Stepper Motor Driver Board 1pcs Prototype Expansion 1pcs Power Supply Module WARNING: Pls. do not use the voltage higher than 9V 1pcs HC-SR501 PIR Motion Sensor 1pcs Ultrasonic Sensor 1pcs GY-521 Module 1pcs 3V Servo Motor 1pcs MAX7219 Module 1pcs Remote 1pcs 9V 1A Power Supply 1pcs 65 Jumper Wire 1pcs Water Lever Sensor 1pcs USB Cable 1pcs 9V Battery with DC 1pcs RC522 RFID Module 10pcs Resistor (10R) 10pcs Resistor (100R) 30pcs Resistor (220R) 10pcs Resistor (330R) 10pcs Resistor (1K) 10pcs Resistor (2K) 10pcs Resistor (5K1) 10pcs Resistor (10K) 10pcs Resistor (100K) 10pcs Resistor (1M) 20pcs Female-to-male Dupont Wire.