4-in-1 RC Robot Kit for Kids and Adults – STEM Toy Making Set, Building Blocks, No Soldering Required – Model SM1702 – Tank, Race Car, Six-Legged Bug and Knight on a Horse (Medium to Hard Difficulty)

Product Features

  • DESIGN & QUALITY: Built to last, the Brain Crunch Smart Machines construction kits allows you to build your own motorized vehicles and machines and control them with the included infrared remote. Kit includes a full color instruction manual with diagrams to build 4 models of varying difficulty. Comes in portable storage box. For ages 8+
  • UNLEASH YOUR CREATIVITY: After you've built the models in the instruction manual, you'll be well-trained to create your own motorized machines with the reusable modules.
  • PLAYTIME VALUE: Each model included take anywhere from 30 to 150 minutes to complete, depending on the difficulty level and the age of the child. Other kits claim to have 10 or more models but they take 5-10 minutes to build. If you are looking for longer lay time, this is exactly what you need!3
  • EDUCATIONAL: BrainCrunch Smart Machines are designed to foster STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) skills through fun. They encourage patience and focus in children, while developing their logical thinking skills and creativity.
  • MADE FROM SAFE MATERIALS: Made from high quality non-toxic materials, the Brain Crunch Smart Machines kits are free of phtalates, lead and other heavy-metal. Certified for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) and HR 4040.
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Product Description

This built-to-last construction kit includes everything you need to build four impressive RC robots of varying difficulty.

The complete kit includes:

  • 237 reusable bricks, wheels, tires & connectors
  • 2 powerful motors
  • wireless remote control unit & receiver*
  • 56 pages full color manual with detailed diagrams

You will get diagrams for the following models:

  • Racing Car (difficulty level: 2/5)
  • Tank (difficulty level: 3/5)
  • Knight on a Horse (difficulty level: 3/5)
  • Six-Legged Bug (difficulty level: 4/5)


There are no computer skills needed to build these robots. Children are introduced to mechanics, and modular parts and they need to deploy logic and problem-solving skills to complete the build.

You can inspire your child’s imagination by giving them to freedom to explore endless possibilities through play. Once the models within the manual have been built, your child can then go on to create their own motor-driven machines with the freedom to design and build whatever they like. Powerful motors create fast-moving vehicles, adding to the excitement and overall appeal of the robot.

The use of robots in education is rapidly increasing, and with primary schools now teaching children how to apply problem-solving and logic skills from as early as kindergarden, Brain Crunch Smart Machines robot kits are set to withstand the test of time. This is the perfect first-time toy for learning about robotics.



*Requires two AA batteries (mainboard) and four AAA batteries (remote-control) – Not included

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