Robolink 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit – STEM Learning Educational Robotics Kit for Beginner and Arduino Learners with Video Tutorials, Rokit Smart

Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS LEARNING ROBOTICS, electronics and Arduino programming. This kit is perfect for learning STEM and gives a head start in creative programming that will have a positive impact on all aspects of your child's education!
  • FLEXIBLE ROBOT KIT: This robotics kit can be transformed into 11 different types of robots; line-following robot, rubber band gun robot, edge-detection robot, interactive game robot, and many more. You can be sure this kit will keep your child engaged for hours at a time.
  • PROVEN STEM CLASSROOM ROBOT: The Rokit Smart is the chosen kit of Robolink, a California-based Robotics Learning Center. This programmable robot kit has proven to be an excellent addition to a home-school curriculum for hundreds of Robolink students.
  • SIMPLE ROBOT ASSEMBLY: The Rokit Smart's electronic circuits are kid-friendly with easy wiring and no soldering required. We've the designed the kit to be simple and safe so your child can learn without any risk of getting hurt.
  • Our robotics kit includes a full set of tools for building real robots, including motors, circuit boards, and frame sets. Batteries are not included for safety reasons, however we do include an instruction manual and helpful tutorial videos that will help you start programming and building immediately!
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Product Description

Robolink Rokit Smart – 11 in 1 Programmable Robot Kit

The Rokit Smart is a fun and interactive way to learn robotics. You can make 11 different robots with the Rokit Smart robotics kit, and it contains all the mechanical parts and electronic modules for you need to start exploring the world of robotics. Examples of what you can build include the Line-Following Robot, Rubber Band Gun Robot, Edge-Detection Robot, Interactive Game Robot, and much more.

Make Science and Technology Fun – A Robotics Kit That Grows With You

The Rokit Smart programmable robotics kit is a great choice for learning robotics, electronics and Arduino programming. Explore the basics of robot assembly and get hands on with downloading programs to the Rokit. From there, advance to topics such as programming LEDs, motors and buzzers. The Rokit Smart robot kit is great for any age, and is family-friendly: it allows kids, teens and adults alike to learn Arduino programming and robot assembly in a fun and interactive way. Detailed instructions and step-by-steps videos are available from the Robolink website.

A Classroom Tested STEM Robot Kit

Robolink, a California-based Robotics Learning Center uses the Rokit Smart for its programmable robotics courses. With proper care and attention to wiring – this durable robotics kit can be disassembled and reassembled numerous times by your child for hours of fun and interactive learning as part of an in-classroom or home-school STEM curriculum. The Rokit has also been included in CNET’s ‘Top 10 notable Robots at CES’ 2016 list!

What’s Included

1 Smart Inventor Board (mainboard), 2 DC motors, 2 Wheels, 4 Base Boards, 2 Horn Brackets, 2 Metal Frames, 1 Battery Box, 1 Remote Control, 1 Nut driver/Phillips screwdriver, Assorted nuts, bolts, and screws for robot assembly.

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