A Welder’s Handbook to Robotic Programming

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    If you are thinking about buying a robot, trying to learn how to program a robot, or teaching someone else to program and need a text book, then this book is definitely the one you are looking for. Welders that are learning how to program a robot will find everything that you need to get started programming an MIG welding robot. All of the secret tricks of the trade are here for the taking. This book should be useful to the owner, buyer, or potential buyer of a welding robot as well to the programmers of the welding robots. Both of these groups have a need for a book that does not seem to exist and it just seemed to make more sense for me to write one book instead of two. The first part of the book is geared more towards the owner/operators of weld shops that have a need of a robot and the rest is directed more towards the workers that are trying to learn how to program the robots. My hope is that both groups will find a use for the entire book but I’ll admit that there is going to be much more for the people that need to learn how to program the robots. Their need is much greater. I also hope that some of the curious souls that end up with this book in their hands for whatever reason, especially any of the younger generation of welders, that this book may get them interested enough for them to give serious consideration into becoming a robotic programmer. I’m also looking at the real possibility of this book being used in many of the training programs that are teaching robotic programming because there is no text book out there that they can use, at least until now. But whoever you are or for whatever reason that you have picked this book up, I hope it will give you a better understanding about robot programming and the growing need for robots and their programmers in the modern work place.

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